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Burglar Proof Window Screens

Just having burglar proof window screens can be enough for a burglar to keep on walking past your house. Windows are one of the weakest points separating you from a home break-in. Let’s face it, burglars are looking for the easiest, quietest and most inconspicuous way to break into your house…

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How To Choose A Security Camera System

With so many products on the market, let us guide you on how to choose a security camera system. What is a security camera system? A security camera system is a series of cameras and a digital video recorder set up to capture, record and store video images for home…

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Wireless Home Security Systems Cameras

There are many reasons to consider wireless when selecting a home security systems cameras for your home. Wireless home security systems are not reliant on cabling back to a base station but via a wireless signal. The first thing to note is that even wireless security camera systems need to be wired….