Burglar Proof Window Screens

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Just having burglar proof window screens can be enough for burglara burglar to keep on walking past your house.

Windows are one of the weakest points separating you from a home break-in. Let’s face it, burglars are looking for the easiest, quietest and most inconspicuous way to break into your house so it’s up to you to make it as difficult as possible!

Why protect your windows?

  • An open window is one of the easiest means for a burglar to access your house and one of the most common.
  • That open window seen from the street may be what attracts the burglar to your house and not the house up the street.
  • If your windows are open, hidden by trees, have clear views into your home, a burglar can use your windows to look into your home, see if you’re home, watch when you leave the house and then enter your home.
  • Ground floor windows are particularly vulnerable.
  • If your windows are closed but lacking in protection a burglar will access your home by forcing the windows open or simply smashing the glass.

broken windowWhat to protect?

It’s a great time of the year to take a walk around your home and look at every window inside and out. Is it open? Is it locked? Is it hidden? Is it easy to see inside? Does the lock work? Am I protected?

Identify any vulnerable windows and consider what you can do to make it safe from burglars. Don’t forget the windows next to your doors, a burglar can smash the glass and simply reach in and open the deadlock from the inside.

What to look for in a burglar proof window screen product

  • Not all window screens are created equally, first ensure when choosing a screen for protection and safety of your home that you don’t just choose an insect screen. Aluminium screens may look like security screens but may not be truly secure
  • Each element of your window security screen should adhere to industry standards, that should be listed by the manufacturer
  • Steel doors are considered most secure and will also be corrosion proof if adhering to the industry standard
  • High tensile stainless steel mesh – should be shear proof
  • Tamper resistant screws/rivets that aren’t in accessible positions
  • Stainless steel riveted security hinges
  • Screen fastening system that prevents the screen from being pulled away from the frame
  • Multi Point Locking System (at least 5 points)
  • Fixed screens can be used for some windows but not for rooms where people are sleeping
  • Quick release systems can be used in case of a fire or other emergency where your home must be evacuated quickly
  • To ensure the screens are fitted correctly it is advised that you have your screens custom made. Even the best screen will be vulnerable to burglars if not fitted correctly

Modern designs:

  • Modern window security screens more options than ever before
  • Security screens can fixed, hinged or sliding
  • The profiles available are no longer the standard diamond or ‘jail’ bar designs. You can select a range of metal designs to suit your home
  • You can now choose just about any colour you can think of to have your screen powder coated
  • Secure mesh is now more transparent than ever. With the improvements in technology mesh is now tough AND transparent so you can be secure and still see that view through your window that you bought your house for

Other benefits of burglar proof window screenscat at door

  • You can get a discount on your home insurance with every security measure you implement
  • You can sleep with your windows open
  • Let in fresh air and have a view outside
  • Protect your glass from flying objects – kid’s balls, hurricane debris
  • Screens cannot be cut with knives for access
  • Can withstand the impact of typical burglary tools like bats, hammers and crowbars.
  • Screens out flies, mosquitoes and insects
  • Blocks harmful UV rays
  • Reduces glare from outside
  • Family pets can’t chew, claw or push through the mesh
  • Having a screen on your window will allow you to open windows without the risk of unwanted wildlife wandering in.

General Advice

Joffa Home Invasion Screen cutMost burglaries occur between 10 am to 3pm

The highest percentage of burglaries are through a window

Fly screens offer your home no protection – except from bugs

Look for a company with a good reputation. Ask friends and families for recommendations

Get more than one quote to ensure you aren’t being ripped off



If you’re still unsure how to make your selection, take some time to speak to a local security screen expert for advice and peace of mind. You don’t have to purchase from them if you have found something suitable and in your budget online, but they may be able to give you that confidence that you are making a great decision to keep your home and family safe.


Joffa snoozing as footy memories snatched – Herald Sun

“The thief broke through a front window while Mr Corfe was recovering from working a nightshift helping the underprivileged. Mr Corfe, was sleeping in a bedroom of his home as a study directly opposite was ransacked.”


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  1. I’ve just started looking at window screens to keep out the mosquitos this summer but now that you can get security screens that actually look good too I’m going to go for it and get proper security screens.

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