Home Safety Checklist

Do you have any other Home Safety tips to add to the checklist? We’d love you to add it to the comments below. It might be just the tip that stops someone getting injured in the home.


Internet Safety For Teens

The teenage brain is still under construction! The self-monitoring, problem-solving and decision-making part of the brain develops last which is why your teenager may be looking for new experiences, start taking risks and make impulsive decisions. It’s healthy for a teenager to start taking risks but it is the parental…


Child Safety Tips For Parents

Children are naturally trusting so it is the job of parents to teach their children how to keep safe without losing their sense of innocence. FAMILY BOUNDARIES Speak to your children about your family boundaries, values, principals and expectations – honesty, respect, open communication, consistency…whatever it is that’s important to you and…

Garage security camera

How To Save Money Buying A Security Camera System

THIS SIMPLE ADVICE WILL SAVE YOU TIME, MONEY & HEADACHES WHEN BUYING A SECURITY CAMERA SYSTEM I hope my experience looking for a security camera system for my own home will help you make your own choice. With so much jargon and so many options available I’ve discovered some valuable…


Bicycle Safety for Kids

Riding a bike is one life’s pure joys – wind in your hair, world at your feet and the freedom of those spinning wheels. It is also an activity that holds some danger with thousands of children seriously injured and hospitalised every year from bike accidents. While the consequences can be serious…